PNGX Guide

Today more and more people in other countries are realizing the absolute vital importance of sound investment in their long-term future. Whatever your stage of life, you will have hopes and plans for your future. Your goals may be long term and include financial well being for you and your family.

Alternatively, there may be immediate goals such as saving for a home deposit, setting up your own business or planning for your child’s education. It is never too late to establish a regular savings plan and develop an investment portfolio

The PNGX Guide to Investment is an Education and Awareness Section aimed and intended to equip interested potential investors with the basic knowledge on investing in shares as an investment.

The Stock Exchange in its endeavors to promote awareness had embarked on this exercise to inform first time investors in PNG and abroad to consider investing in shares as a long-term investment.

The program is not intended to influence people into thinking that investment in the Stock Market is the most suitable for all. Investments in one form or another have their unique potential risks as well as benefits.

This guide provides a better understanding of shares and other investment opportunities available to you. It is tailored to assist first time investors into getting started in buying and selling shares. It contains much valuable information for potential investors on the investment of their savings in companies listed on the Stock Exchange.

It is intended to unravel any of the mysteries that may exist about the Stock Exchange and provides easy step by step instructions to buying and selling shares.


You can read the entire guide in the link below.

PNGX Guide to Investment