Stock Trading

The global trend in stock market is always changing due to the rapid advancement in technology. Trading in PNG is no different to other markets around the globe. There is always a clear process to follow in conducting market transactions and participation.

Here at PNGX Markets (“PNGX”), we have a simple process that caters for all types of investors including international and local investors, corporate merchants and retail investors.

PNGX operates an electronic trading platform called the PNGX Electronic Trading system or PETS. Stockbrokers or Participating Organizations of PNGX have access to PETS via a remote terminal located at each broker’s offices. Under the Capital Markets Act 2015, only members of a recognized stock exchange are allowed to performed transactions on the market provided by its Stock Exchange.

For all types of market transactions, investors are required to secure the services of a member stockbroker to perform these tasks on their behalf. Trading on the market is also via a recognized stockbroker. Stockbrokers can perform other tasks required by investors and market participants on a number of matters in regard to corporate advising, funds management, IPOs and fund raising managers, underwriting, etc….