Listed Companies

The following Companies are listed on the PNG Exchange Market (PNGX):

No.Company Name PNGX CodeDate ListedIndustry Group
1Bank South Pacific LimitedBSP27/08/2003Banking and Finance
2Credit Corporation (PNG) LimitedCCP24/08/2000Finance
3PNG Air LimitedCGA25/06/2008Aviation
4City Pharmarcy LimitedCPL20/02/2002Industrial
5Coppermoly LimitedCOY22/10/2008Mining and Exploration
6Kina Asset Management LimitedKAM7/07/2008Investment
7Kina Securities LimitedKSL29/07/2015Banking and Finance
8Newcrest Mining LimitedNCM22/09/2010Mining and Exploration
9New Guinea Islands Produce LimitedNGP25/08/2009Agriculture and Industrial
10Niuminco Group LimitedNIU29/10/2013Mining and Exploration
11Santos LimitedSTO13/12/2021Oil and Gas
12Steamships Trading Company LimitedSST6/04/1999Industrial