About PNGX Markets

The PNGX Markets (Abbrev. PNGX) Papua New Guinea’s National Stock Exchange. It is responsible for running and maintaining the independent operations of the stock market in the country.

While meeting and serving two fundamental aims;

  1. To provide an avenue for companies to raise funds for growth and expansion through the issue of shares to the public
  2. To provide an opportunity for investors to invest their surplus funds into productive areas of the economy through the investment in shares of publicly listed companies

PNGX primary task is to ensure integrity in its systems and provide confidence to investors and market participants.

Services provided by the exchange comprise of listing, trading, clearing and settlement that cover companies listed both on domestic and foreign markets.

With the use of its technological facility, the PNGX Market Trading System (Abbrev. PETS), PNGX opens its market everyday at 9am-4pm business days and ensures trades are carried out by the two participating organizations.

With 24 years of exchange experience, PNGX is fairly small and slowly growing with a Market Capitalization of K138 billion. It currently lists 12 companies that cover the range from Aviation, Banking and Finance, Finance, Industrial, Mining and Exploration and Oil and Gas industries.