NGIP Agmark Limited

Statistics and Performance

Statistics and Performance

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Company Overview

CompanyNGIP Agmark Limited
Issuer CodeNGP
Industry Agriculture and Industrial
Date Listed 25/08/2009
Foreign Exempt Entity No
Overview:NGIP Agmark Ltd is a diversified business involved in Plantations and Cocoa Trading. It is the largest domestic producer and exporter of cocoa. Its other commercial activities include Hardware, Computer Sales, Transportation, Engineering. Machinery, Spare Parts Sales and Properties. With PNG being among the top ten cocoa producing nations in the world, NGIP’s domestic strength presents potential for NGIP to grow toward becoming international cocoa commodity stock.
Internet Address
Registered Office Address Level 1, NGIP Haus, Talina, Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
Postal Address P0 Box 1921, Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
Head Office Number +675 982 9055
Head Office Facsimile +675 9829056
Share Registry PNG Registries Limited, Level 2, AON Haus, P.O BOX 1265 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Share Registry Number
+675 321 6377


Mr. Donald ManoaChairman
Mr. Steven NightingaleExecutive Director/ COO
Mrs. Darrie Nightingale
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Nicholas Lyons Non-Executive Director
Mr. Simon Kabiu
Non-Executive Director
Mr. Simon FooNon-Executive Director

Company Secretary 

Mr. Junias Tamur 
Company Secretary