Become A Member

Not any one person or stock broker can become a member of a stock exchange. There are stringent rules and requirements and criteria that must be met to the full satisfaction of POMSoX before recognition can be granted as a duly Approved Participating Organization and member of the Port Moresby Stock Exchange.


The POMSoX Business Rules do not allow for individual membership. Membership is only on corporate basis. In other words, only adequately capitalized firms and organizations are allowed to apply for membership of the Stock Exchange.


Generally membership requirements and criteria are contained in the POMSoX Business Rules – Chapter Six. Please feel free to view our Business Rules online for full details. The requirements contained in the business rules are not exhaustive; POMSoX can apply additional criteria in its full absolute discretion.


Intending Organizations can apply for membership through a formal application to POMSoX.

Generally some requirements of membership are;


  • The size and structure of a participating organization must be that of an organization suitable to be admitted as a Participating Organization;
  • Directors and Seniors executives of a company must have recognized and appropriate qualification in the securities industry and have in depth experience in financial markets and or banking and finance;
  • One or two company Directors or executives must apply for recognition as an Affiliate;
  • Designated Trading Representatives must hold degrees in appropriate fields;
  • The company must be adequately capitalized.
  • Directors and Management Executives must pass the fit and proper test criteria of POMSoX or the Central Bank of PNG and
  • The organization must have a registered office in PNG.


Intending Organizations wishing to apply for membership should consult the Listing Manager at for a full and detailed information package on Membership Application and Agreement.