Fee Calculation

Listing fees are based on the Listing Fee Schedule. Calculation is based on Market Capitalization on companies;

1. Based on table 1 – Fee on Admission / Initial Listing Fees

For Example: If company had a market cap of K55million, the calculation is worked out as shown below:

Value of securities falls between the range K50,000,001 – K100m
Fee for first K50 million is K48,000 (ie. K55m – K50m = K50m)
Excess over K50m is K5m
Excess is charged at 0.03% (K5m x 0.03% = K1,500)
Fee on Admission = K48,000 + K1,500 = K49,500

The same formulae applies to all companies however based on different rates as per table

2. Based on table 2 – Annual Fee for equity securities

For Example: If a company has a market capitalization of K120m, the calculation is worked out as shown below.

Value of securities falls between the range K100m – K1.25b
Fee for first K100 million is K31,000 (ie. K120m – K100m = K20m)
Excess over K100m is K20m
Excess is charged at 0.006% (K20m x 0.006% = K1,200)
Fee on Admission = K31,000 + K1,200 = K32,200

For dual listed companies, annual fees are based on 30% of total market capitalization. Eg. If a dual listed company had a total market capitalization of K450m, the annual fees would be calculated based on 30% of K450m = K135m

3. Based on Table 5 – Admission and Annual Fees for Debt Securities

For debt securities, the fees applied for standard flat rate fees; Refer to table 5

Initial Listing Fees K25,000
Annual Fees K10,000
Securities Quotation Fee K5,000.